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Let's Find Your Next Adventure

It's our mission to make it possible for everyone to take an adventure.

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When you think "vacation," what comes to mind?

Everyone deserves a vacation! Days or weeks to step away from an average routine. In these moments, we create memories of fun and adventure, but also of relaxation and peace. This is the secret recipe as to what makes a vacation really a vacation. No matter where you come from or what your situation is, it should be possible for you to travel. It just takes planning! That is where Our Next Adventure Travels comes in. 

We learn more about you and your travel goals. We create the trip you want, and guide you to making the right choices to making your trip possible. When your travel dates approach, we help you prepare for your trip. Our detailed, personalized service makes your vacation easy without extra hassles.  Browse our top travel destinations to decide "Where to next?" 

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Have you ever started planning your "dream trip" but became overwhelmed by choices, options and cost?

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The Story of Our Agency 

Our agency owner and travel expert, Leigh Lee, has a history of wearing her heart on her sleeve and always putting other people first. It's just in her nature! These characteristics have helped shape her  travel agency, Our Next Adventure Travels.

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