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Cruise Vacation Adventures

Our Next Adventure Travels loves to cruise! We believe cruising is the perfect vacation because your cruise ship acts as your floating hotel as you float from destination to destination. You have the opportunity to explore while you're in destination and, also, have plenty of time to relax while you are at sea! Your cruise ship offers every type of meal, snack and beverage you could desire. There is endless entertainment for all ages on every ship deck. Cruises sail around the world, and we love to help people sail to new, exciting destinations! Your cruise vacation could be family-friendly or adults only! We have great options for groups too. Our Next Adventure Travels pairs the ship and ports with the travelers. Our specialty is creating the vacation according to your vision. We work hard to understand your preferences to help pair you with the right environment to be comfortable during your dream cruise. 

Explore the cruise vacation options below and contact us to book your next cruise vacation adventure with Our Next Adventure Travels. 

Cruise Highlights:

What to Include:

  • Optional airfare 

  • Cruise cabin and stay 

  • Ship amenities 

  • Meal packages -
    scheduled or flexible

  • Beverage package 

  • Tickets for tours

  • In-destination activities

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  • Upgraded flights 

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • Optional hotel stay in the port city before or after your sailing

  • Spa services, casino gambling and shopping 

  • Reservations for special activities or events

  • Private in-destination activities 

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Accommodation Options

Cabins and suites are different amongst cruise lines but the accommodation examples provided can share an idea of what to expect. ​Styles are fit the cruise's brand and can vary extremely by destinations. River cruises always offer a balcony view in Europe! 


Interior Cabin

Ocean View Cabin

Virtual Balcony

Inside Ship Balcony


Family Suites

Royal Suite

Sky Loft Suite

Ultimate Family Suite

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Image by Peter Hansen

Cruise Destinations


Exploring Your Destination

Once you have a trip planned, we recommend to book travel activities through your cruise line's personalizer app! Ask us how to book activities. You can also shop sites like Shore Excursions using our link below! Just remember, be back to the ship early from your activities if you book outside of your line.

Protecting Your Investment

We offer, and highly recommend, travel protection for each trip we book for our travelers. We always recommend to include them in your package or you can purchase individual policies using our link below.

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