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About Our Next Adventure Travels


Our Story

Our agency owner and travel expert, Leigh Lee, has a history of wearing her heart on her sleeve and always putting other people first. It's just in her nature! These characteristics have helped shape her  travel agency, Our Next Adventure Travels.


Leigh is a full-time travel agent, full-time care giver of her disabled veteran mom and full-time loving wife to her husband, Burt Lee. Because of her various roles and long history in case management, Leigh always thinks outside-of-the-box to utilize different resources in helping people with their needs. Leigh uses this same level of care to establish and manage her travel agency, Our Next Adventure Travels.

Leigh's travel journey has taken her to new peaks she has only dreamt of. Though she's been to so many Caribbean islands, Hawaii still remains her favorite destination because of her favorite memory swimming with the sea turtles in Oahu. Alaska is a close competitor in favorite destinations, too! Through the travel business, Leigh has met so many incredible colleagues and clients. She loves getting to know her clients on a personal level, understanding what they need and, then, seeing the result of their vacation. 

When Leigh manages Our Next Adventure Travels guest trips, she actively listens and deeply cares about her guests travel needs. Leigh thinks about all the details ahead of time. She's able to assist couples, families, multi-generational families, guests with disabilities and special needs, and groups like family reunions, corporate teams, community groups and more. With her dynamic skillset, Leigh's expert travel advice makes a smooth guest experience. Our mission is "to make it possible for everyone to take an adventure," and Leigh strives to go above and beyond to complete that mission with each and every booking. 

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It's our mission to make it possible for everyone to take an adventure.

Our mission shapes our vision for the future of Out Next Adventure Travels. Our agency wants to help make travel possible for our guests. No matter where you come from, what your situation is or how many people you have, it should be possible for you to travel. From those with special needs or disabilities, to multi-generational families, to groups, and everyone in between, you can trust in our dedicated service to help create your trip with your travel needs as our top priority. We actively listen to your needs when starting to research your trip and, then, we find the best ways for you to travel. We do our absolute best to advocate for our guests when planning with travel partners. We strive to provide an excellent travel service for Our Next Adventure Travels guests. It is our promise to create a trip that you can enjoy with your loved ones that isn't stressful to achieve. 

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