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How Booking Works

Using a travel agent is the best way to travel because you have one trusted business to contact in regard to your trip. We help you from the moment you start thinking about where to travel to until the time you happily return home from your trip. Our Next Adventure Travels services include our expert guidance, planning and research time, booking management, reservation management, travel document preparation and stand-by travel assistance. We take care of these vacation details so you don't have to. Our goal is to make your vacation's travel experience as smooth and easy-to-manage as possible. 

It's our honor to book and manage our guests travel. Our Next Adventure Travels works incredibly hard to know destination, cruise and travel information to provide our guests with accurate, honest and non-biased vacation information. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent travel experience for each and every Our Next Adventure Travels traveler. 

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Our Adventure Travel's Booking Process


Request a Trip

It's simple to request a trip with Our Next Adventure Travel's trip planning form. This helps us gather the trip basics prior to starting our research. 


Request Follow-Up

After you complete the quick form, we will follow up with you by your preferred contact method (call, text or email) to confirm that you're human and you are ready to plan your trip. You can schedule a follow-up appointment here if you need to. 


Deposit to Plan

Our Next Adventure Travels asks travelers to place a small deposit to start planning and researching trip options. The deposit will be applied toward your trip's final payment. The deposit is non-refundable, and can only be applied to booked trips within 30-days of planning. This covers our agency's time and initial investment should things not work out.


Your Trip Proposals

Once we connect, we will start researching on your trip options right away. We will create one to three trip options based on your request. During this time, it's helpful to submit you and your guests traveler information.


Customizing Trip Options

You will receive trip options via email. We'll decide which itinerary could work and make customizations to fit the vacation to you and your guests. 


Booking Your Trip

To secure your reservation, we will need to submit traveler information and your deposit/payment to book and hold the rate and room. 


Preparing to Travel

Our Next Adventure Travels manages your travel reservation by helping you customize your trip with packages and activities. Payments can be submitted through your final payment date. We will remind you of important dates and travel reminders. We also prepare your travel documents and resources and send them directly to you! 


Time to Travel

Should you need any assistance during travel, please contact us. Our Next Adventure Travels will do our best to help as needed. Emergency services, guest services or travel insurance providers, as listed on your travel documents, can also be very helpful in the event of priority circumstances. 

Our Promise to Our Guests

Our Next Adventure Travels mission is to make it possible for everyone to travel. By that we mean, we want to make it possible for you to take "that adventure" you have always dreamt of. It is possible for anyone to travel. We are experts at assisting couples, families, multi-generational families, guests with disabilities and special needs, and travel groups. No matter where you come from, what your situation is or how many people you have, it should be possible for you to travel. It just takes planning! It is our promise to create a trip that you can enjoy with your loved ones that isn't stressful to achieve. 

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